“Is it not remarkable that the nomads, while building non permanent shelters, have a building tradition that is more durable than ours? The designs of the nomad tents have survived the centuries that have 
seen great stone monuments turn to dust. If these tents have sheltered a portion of mankind so well in 
the past, might they not be useful in the future?”

- Torvald Faegre, Tents: The Architecture of the Nomads

Based on the traditional central Asian yurt design which we finetuned for aesthetics and durability and using high quality technical materials Wolfpack Yurts are amongst the best made in Europe.

We started our yurt business in Scotland in 2009 and since 2015 we run a second yurt workshop in Greece. Having lived in our structures for years has given us the experience and perspective that we incorporate in our craft producing robust, cosy, beautiful yurts. 

With sizes ranging from 3.5 to 11 metres in diameter (9.6 to 95 square metres) our yurts are being used as homes, retreat halls, glamping rentals and more.

Being weatherproof, very durable and suitable for all kinds of weather conditions they are sold all over Europe. ​

Reinforced wooden frames 

Our frames are made so that our yurts are not just cosy but also very sturdy and safe to live in. Since a few years all our yurts come with a specially reinforced frame as standard, so we guarantee that they can withstand any type of weather, especially strong winds. The timber we use is mostly 1st grade Scandinavian pine which has very few knots, is suitably heavy and strong with a wood grain that stands out beautifully when oiled. We also use oak and/or ash timber upon request.

Any size and number of double glazed window units can be added anywhere along the wall frame.  

Canvas Covers

Despite the difference in our frame designs all our covers are of similar quality and specifications. Our roof covers are waterproof, UV resistant, made mostly from a very durable synthetic fabric which contains no heavy metals and can withstand any type of weather exposure.

We also use high quality 400gsm polyester-cotton canvas which is water-rot proof and flame retardant.

You can expect our yurt covers to last between 8-15 years depending on the material used and the specific local conditions.

Available colours are off white, sand, green, khaki, yellow, brown, blue ​ or combinations of the above. If you require a colour you don't see here please contact us.

We can also make new covers for any type of yurt only from measurements.